What is the Greater Lowertown Master Plan?
The plan will be a community-based 15-year visionary plan that helps guide future decisions about Lowertown’s physical environment.  It will be adopted as part of the City of Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Plan.

Who is involved?
Anyone who wants to be involved can and should be.  Specifically:

  • A 16-member task force comprised of people from the greater Lowertown community helps guide the process and serves as a group of liaisons between the consultants, the City of Saint Paul, and the community.
  • A local consultant team will listen and learn from the Task Force and the public, and will create the plan based on community input and feedback.
  • Everyone–including those who live, work, and play in Lowertown–who is interested in participating can offer ideas, input, and feedback during this public process.
  • You!

Why is the planning process happening?
Significant changes are on the horizon, and there is an urgent need to plan for the next phase of Lowertown’s growth, both to leverage new opportunities and to plan for the long term.

When is the planning process happening?
The master plan project is underway, and the first of three community workshops is happening on November 29-30.  The process will continue until June, 2011.   Click here for more details about the planning process schedule.

Where is the study area?

Greater Lowertown includes the area from Jackson Street to the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary and I-94/Seventh Street to the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul.